Sculpture Collection

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    The Sculpture Collection is located in the newly designed Albertinum and holds works of art that span five millennia, from classical to modern. The exhibition begins with works by the French sculptor Auguste Rodin. He heralded the age of modern statuary and sculpture and is regarded as the forerunner of the numerous styles developed during the 20th century. The origins of the museum can be traced back to the Kunstkammer founded in 1560. However, it was August the Strong who established the Collection of Antique and Modern Sculptures and turned Dresden into a centre of Baroque architecture and sculpture. The exhibition also pays particular attention to art created during the GDR era through works by artists such as Wieland F örster, Werner Stötzer, and Helmut Heinze.

    (All photos copyright Dresden State Art Collections)

    Admission Prices
    Adults 10.00 Euro
    Concessions 7.50 Euro
    Children under 17 free
    Admission valid for: Sculpture Collection and New Masters Picture Gallery
    Opening Times: Tue - Sat 10.00am - 6.00pm

    New Masters Gallery
    Tzschirnerplatz 2
    01067 Dresden
    Tel: 0351 49142000
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    Sculpture Collection

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