Moritzburg Castle

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    Moritzburg Castle is a Baroque palace in Moritzburg about 13 kilometers from Dresden. The castle has four round towers and lies on a symmetrical artificial island. It is named after Duke Moritz of Saxony, who had a hunting lodge built in the Renaissance style here between 1542 and 1546. The surrounding woodlands and lakes have been a favourite hunting area of the electors and kings of Saxony.

    The original castle was a hunting lodge for Moritz of Saxony, then Duke of Saxony. But Elector Augustus the Strong had other plans with Moritzburg Castle. In 1723 he began the large renovation work from Renaissance to Baroque hunting and pleasure palace. Here the elector wanted to celebrate his licentious feasts and hunts. His dream was to build a "Temple of Diana", surrounded by exotic animal enclosures with lions, cheetahs and bisons.

    The best Saxon craftsmen and artists collaborated on the interiors of the seven halls and over 200 rooms. The total work of art is of great structural clarity and scenic harmony.

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    Schloss Moritzburg
    01468 Moritzburg
    Tel: 035207 8730
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    Moritzburg Castle

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