Coin Cabinet

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    The Coin Cabinet is one of the three largest numismatic collections in Germany and was founded around 1530. On June 7, 2015 the Coin Cabinet has opened a completely new, long-awaited permanent exhibition and herewith returned to its original location in the Royal Palace.

    Its nearly 300,000 objects of which 3,300 are on display include coins from most countries of the world from antiquity to present day, historic and modern medallions, medals and insignia, historic bank notes and bonds, minting dies for coins and medals, seals, models, early forms of money, and minting machines and equipment. The Coin Cabinet is also a center of scholarly research and has a public library of some 30,000 volumes.

    (All photos copyright Dresden State Art Collections)

    Coin Cabinet
    01067 Dresden
    Tel: 0351 49142000
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    Coin Cabinet

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