Dresden Porcelain Collection

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    The Dresden Porcelain Collection is part of the State Art Collections and is located in the Zwinger Palace. The collection was founded in 1715 by the Saxon Prince-Elector Augustus the Strong, and was originally housed in the Japanese Palace on the banks of the Elbe. The collection largely survived World War II thanks to its evacuation to Russia, and returned into its current home in the south part of the Zwinger in 1962.

    Today the collection features about 20,000 porcelain artefacts although not all are on show. The wide spectrum of porcelain items showcased here includes examples from the Ming dynasty in China to the collections accumulated during the reign of the Emperor Kangxi, and to the Japanese Imari and Kakiemon porcelain ware, which dates from the early 17th and 18th centuries. The other strongpoint is the collection of Saxon porcelain, in particular Meissen porcelain. This crockery is decorated partly with Chinese patterns, but also with various European motifs such as scenes from mythology or rococo idylls.

    (All photos copyright Dresden State Art Collections)

    Dresden Porcelain Collection
    Theaterplatz 1
    01067 Dresden
    Tel: 0351 49142000
    Web: www.skd.museum
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    Dresden Porcelain Collection

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