Dresden Transport Museum

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    The Dresden Transport Museum displays vehicles of all modes of transport, such as railway, shipping, road and air traffic under one roof. The museum is housed in the Johanneum at the Neumarkt in Dresden. The Johanneum was built between 1586 and 1590; it is one of the oldest museum buildings in Dresden.

    Its unparalleled collection includes historical examples from pre-industrial eras, post-1850 vehicles, and unique exhibits with special historical significance - from delicate miniatures to colossal originals, such as the legendary Saxon "Muldenthal" locomotive (1861). A sedan chair dating from 1705, the museum's oldest exhibit, and a horse-drawn bus are milestones in the history of public transportation in Dresden. The museum also chronicles the history of aviation from the hot air balloon to the supersonic airliner."

    (All photos copyright Dresden Transport Museum)

    Dresden Transport Museum
    Augustusstrasse 1
    01067 Dresden
    Tel: 0351 86440
    Web: www.verkehrsmuseum-dresden.de
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    Dresden Transport Museum

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